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  D (PC)
  D-Day (PC)
  D-Day, 1944: Invasion of Europe (PC)
  d.o (PC)
  D.O.G. (PC)
  D/Generation (PC)
  D1rt (PC)
  Daemonica (PC)
  Dagger Whitewater Extreme (PC)
  Daggerfall (PC)
  Daikatana (PC)
  Daily Racing Form Horse Racing (PC)
  Dalek Attack (PC)
  Damage Incorporated (PC)
  Dame Was Loaded, The (PC)
  Damn Dirty Apes (PC)
  Dangerous Dave (PC)
  Dangerous Dave in the Haunted Mansion (PC)
  Dangerous Dave's Risky Rescue (PC)
  Dangerous Waters (PC)
  Dare to Dream Volume 1: In a Darkened Room (PC)
  Dare to Dream Volume 2: In Search of the Beast (PC)
  Dare to Dream Volume 3: Christian's Lair (PC)
  Daria's Inferno (PC)
  Dark Age of Camelot (PC)
  Dark Age of Camelot Platinum Edition (PC)
  Dark Age of Camelot: Catacombs (PC)
  Dark Age of Camelot: Darkness Rising (PC)
  Dark Age of Camelot: Gold Edition (PC)
  Dark Age of Camelot: Shrouded Isles (PC)
  Dark Age of Camelot: Trials of Atlantis (PC)
  Dark Ages (PC)
  Dark Ages Episode 1: Prince of Destiny (PC)
  Dark and Light (PC)
  Dark Angael (PC)
  Dark Angel (PC)
  Dark Castle (PC)
  Dark Colony (PC)
  Dark Earth (PC)
  Dark Fall (PC)
  Dark Fall: Lights Out (PC)
  Dark Heart of Uukrul (PC)
  Dark Horizons: Lore (PC)
  Dark Legions (PC)
  Dark Matter: The Baryon Project (PC)
  Dark Messiah of Might & Magic (PC)
  Dark Ore (PC)
  Dark Planet: Battle for Natrolis (PC)
  Dark Reign (PC)
  Dark Reign 2 (PC)
  Dark Reign Expansion: Rise of the Shadowhand (PC)
  Dark Reign: The Future of War (PC)
  Dark Relic (PC)
  Dark Rift (PC)
  Dark Sector (PC)
  Dark Seed II (PC)
  Dark Side of the Moon (PC)
  Dark Sun: Shattered Lands (PC)
  Dark Sun: Wake of the Ravager (PC)
  Dark Vengeance (PC)
  Darkened Skye (PC)
  Darkfall (PC)
  Darklands (PC)
  Darklight Conflict (PC)
  Darkseed (PC)
  DarkSpace (PC)
  Darkstone (PC)
  Darwinia (PC)
  Das Boot (PC)
  Dave Goes Nutz! (PC)
  Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX (PC)
  Dawn of Aces (PC)
  Dawn of Aces II (PC)
  Dawn of Fantasy (PC)
  Day of Defeat (PC)
  Day of Defeat: Source (PC)
  Day of the Mutants (PC)
  Day Trader (PC)
  Daytona USA (PC)
  Daytona USA Deluxe (PC)
  DEactivation (PC)
  Dead Man's Hand (PC)
  Dead Mountaineer's Hotel (PC)
  Dead to Rights (PC)
  Dead to Rights II (PC)
  Deadhunt (PC)
  Deadlands (PC)
  Deadline (1995) (PC)
  Deadlock (PC)
  Deadlock II (PC)
  Deadlock II: Shrine Wars (PC)
  Deadly Dozen (PC)
  Deadly Dozen: Pacific Theater (PC)
  Deadly Rooms of Death (PC)
  Deadly Rooms of Death: Journey to Rooted Hold (PC)
  Deadly Tide (PC)
  Dealer: Chronic, Pills & Coke (PC)
  Dear America: Friend to Friend (PC)
  Death Drome (PC)
  Death Gate (PC)
  Death Rally (PC)
  Death Track Racing (PC)
  DeathDrome (PC)
  DeathKeep (PC)
  Deathtrap Dungeon (PC)
  Deep Angel (PC)
  Deep Fighter (PC)
  Deep Raider (PC)
  Deep Sea Fishing II (PC)
  Deep Sea Trophy Fishing (PC)
  Deep Sea Tycoon (PC)
  Deep Sea Tycoon 2 (PC)
  Deer Avenger (PC)
  Deer Avenger 2 (PC)
  Deer Avenger 3...D (PC)
  Deer Avenger 3D (PC)
  Deer Avenger 4 (PC)
  Deer Hunt Challenge (PC)
  Deer Hunter (PC)
  Deer Hunter 2 (PC)
  Deer Hunter 2003 (PC)
  Deer Hunter 2004 (PC)
  Deer Hunter 2005 (PC)
  Deer Hunter 2: Monster Buck Pack (PC)
  Deer Hunter 3 (PC)
  Deer Hunter 3 by Wizard Works on CD-ROM (PC)
  Deer Hunter 3 Gold (PC)
  Deer Hunter 4 (PC)
  Deer Hunter 5 (PC)
  Deer Hunter 5: Tracking Trophies (PC)
  Deer Hunter II (PC)
  Deer Hunter: Trophy Collection (PC)
  Deer's Revenge (PC)
  Defiance (PC)
  Deimos Rising (PC)
  Deja Vu II: Lost in Las Vegas (PC)
  Deja Vu: A Nightmare Comes True! (PC)
  Delta Force (PC)
  Delta Force 2 (PC)
  Delta Force: Black Hawk Down (PC)
  Delta Force: Black Hawk Down Platinum Pack (PC)
  Delta Force: Land Warrior (PC)
  Delta Force: Task Force Dagger (PC)
  Delta Force: Xtreme (PC)
  Delta Ops: Army Special Forces (PC)
  Demise: Ascension (PC)
  Demise: Rise of the Ku'Tan (PC)
  Democracy (PC)
  Demolition Champions (PC)
  Demolition Derby and Figure 8 Race (PC)
  Demolition Racer (PC)
  Demonik (PC)
  Demonstar (PC)
  Demonworld: Dark Armies (PC)
  Descent (PC)
  Descent 2 (PC)
  Descent 3 (PC)
  Descent 3: Mercenary (PC)
  Descent II (PC)
  Descent to Undermountain (PC)
  Descent: Freespace (PC)
  Descent: Freespace - The Great War (PC)
  Desert Rats vs. Afrika Korps (PC)
  Desert Strike (PC)
  Desert Thunder (PC)
  Desperados (PC)
  Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive (PC)
  Destiny (PC)
  Destroyer Command (PC)
  Destruction Derby (PC)
  Destruction Derby 2 (PC)
  Detective Brand Golf (PC)
  Dethkarz (PC)
  Detroit (PC)
  Deus (PC)
  Deus Ex (PC)
  Deus Ex: Invisible War (PC)
  Devastation (PC)
  Devo Presents Adventures of the Smart Patrol (PC)
  Dexter's Lab: Science Ain't Fair (PC)
  Diablo (PC)
  Diablo Battle Chest (PC)
  Diablo II (PC)
  Diablo II: Lord of Destruction (PC)
  Diablo: Hellfire (PC)
  Diabolique: License to Sin (PC)
  Diamond Mind Baseball 9 (PC)
  Die By The Sword (PC)
  Die by the Sword: Limb from Limb (PC)
  Die Hard Trilogy (PC)
  Die Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Las Vegas (PC)
  Die Hard: Nakatomi Plaza (PC)
  Dig Dug Deeper (PC)
  Diggers (PC)
  Diggles (PC)
  Dilbert's Desktop Games (PC)
  Diner Dash (PC)
  Dink Smallwood (PC)
  Dino Crisis (PC)
  Dino Crisis 2 (PC)
  Dino Island (PC)
  DinoPark Tycoon (PC)
  Dinosaur Safari (PC)
  Diplomacy (PC)
  Diplomacy (1999) (PC)
  Dirt Track Racing (PC)
  Dirt Track Racing 2 (PC)
  Dirt Track Racing: Sprint Cars (PC)
  Disciples II: Dark Prophecy (PC)
  Disciples II: Gallean's Return (PC)
  Disciples II: Gold Edition (PC)
  Disciples II: Guardians of the Light (PC)
  Disciples II: Rise of the Elves (PC)
  Disciples II: Servants of the Dark (PC)
  Disciples III (PC)
  Disciples: Sacred Lands (PC)
  Disciples: Sacred Lands Gold Edition (PC)
  Discworld (PC)
  Discworld II Missing Presumed...!? (PC)
  Discworld II: Mortality Bytes (PC)
  Discworld Noir (PC)
  Disney's Aladdin Chess Adventures (PC)
  Disney's Aladdin in Nasiria's Revenge (PC)
  Disney's Brother Bear (PC)
  Disney's Donald Action Game (PC)
  Disney's Toontown Online (PC)
  Divided Ground: Middle East Conflict (PC)
  Divine Divinity (PC)
  DK Extreme BMX (PC)
  Dofus (PC)
  Dog Tag (PC)
  Dogfight: Battle for the Pacific (PC)
  Dogs of War (PC)
  Dogs Playing Poker (PC)
  Dogz (PC)
  Dogz 2 (PC)
  Dogz 4 (PC)
  Dominant Species (PC)
  Domination (PC)
  Dominion: Storm Over Gift 3 (PC)
  Dominion: Storm Over Gift 3 (PC)
  Dominions II: The Ascension Wars (PC)
  Dominions III (PC)
  Dominus Online (PC)
  Don't Quit Your Day Job (PC)
  Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers (PC)
  Donald Trump's Real Estate Tycoon (PC)
  Doom (PC)
  Doom 3 (PC)
  Doom Collector's Edition (PC)
  Doom II: Hell on Earth (PC)
  Dope Wars (PC)
  Double Dare (PC)
  Down in Flames (PC)
  Dr. Brain: I.Q. Adventure (PC)
  Dr. Brain: Puzzle Madness (PC)
  Dr. Goo (PC)
  Dr. Goo 2: The Plague (PC)
  Dr. Goo 3: The Rubblebum War (PC)
  Dr. Lunatic (PC)
  Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat (PC)
  Dracula Combo Pack (PC)
  Dracula Unleashed (PC)
  Dracula: The Last Sanctuary (PC)
  Dracula: The Resurrection (PC)
  Dragon Age (PC)
  Dragon Dice (PC)
  Dragon Lore (PC)
  Dragon Lore II (PC)
  Dragon Puzzle (PC)
  Dragon Throne: Battle of Red Cliffs (PC)
  Dragon Wars (PC)
  Dragon's Lair (PC)
  Dragon's Lair 20th Anniversary Special Edition (PC)
  Dragon's Lair 3 (PC)
  Dragon's Lair 3D (PC)
  Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp (PC)
  Dragon's Lair III (PC)
  DragonHeart: Fire and Steel (PC)
  Dragonriders: Chronicles of Pern (PC)
  Dragonshard (PC)
  Dragonsphere (PC)
  Dragonstrike (PC)
  Dragoon: The Battles of Frederick the Great (PC)
  Dragoon: The Prussian War Machine (PC)
  Drakan: Order of the Flame (PC)
  Drake of the 99 Dragons (PC)
  Drakkhen (PC)
  Dream Match Tennis (PC)
  Dreamfall: The Longest Journey (PC)
  Drilling Billy (PC)
  Drive 'n' Kill (PC)
  Driver (PC)
  Driver 4 (working title) (PC)
  Drome Racers (PC)
  Drop! (PC)
  DropTeam (PC)
  Drowned God (PC)
  Drug Lord (PC)
  Druid: Daemons of the Mind (PC)
  Druuna: Morbus Gravis (PC)
  DTM Race Driver 2 (PC)
  Ducati World Racing Challenge (PC)
  Duck Hunter Pro (PC)
  Duckman (PC)
  DuelField (PC)
  Duke It Out in D.C. (PC)
  Duke Nukem (PC)
  Duke Nukem 3D (PC)
  Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition (PC)
  Duke Nukem Forever (PC)
  Duke Nukem II (PC)
  Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project (PC)
  Dune (PC)
  Dune 2000 (PC)
  Dune II: The Building of a Dynasty (PC)
  Dungeon Hack (PC)
  Dungeon Keeper (PC)
  Dungeon Keeper 2 (PC)
  Dungeon Keeper II (PC)
  Dungeon Keeper: The Deeper Dungeons (PC)
  Dungeon Lords (PC)
  Dungeon Master II: Skullkeep (PC)
  Dungeon Master II: The Legend of Skullkeep (PC)
  Dungeon Odyssey (PC)
  Dungeon Siege (PC)
  Dungeon Siege II (PC)
  Dungeon Siege: Legends of Aranna (PC)
  Dungeons & Dragons Online: Stormreach (PC)
  Dunjax (PC)
  Dusk of the Gods (PC)
  Dust: A Tale of the Wired West (PC)
  DX-Ball (PC)
  DX-Ball 2 (PC)
  Dyna Blaster (PC)
  Dynablaster (PC)
  Dynamite Dux (PC)
  Dynasty Warriors 4 (PC)
  Dynasty Wars (PC)
  Dyter 07 (PC)

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